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Virtual Consultation with Spath Dentistry

Are you interested in upgrading your smile but concerned about the cost and commitment of an oral treatment plan? Then scheduling an initial virtual consultation might be the best solution for you!

In no time, you’ll be one step closer to a confident, bright smile by scheduling your free virtual consult with Dr. Spath at Spath Dentistry! It’s that easy.

Let’s dive into what we offer in our virtual consultation sessions as well as how to sign up if you’re interested:

Who Should Consider a Virtual Consultation?

Traveling cross-country or wanting to gain a deeper understanding of suitable treatment plans to better your smile? Scheduling a virtual consultation would be a no-brainer!

By signing up for a remote consult with Spath Dentistry, you’ll experience a cost-free, efficient process to help you get closer to your dream smile. The time when you called around, finally spoke to a real person, and then waited arduously in office are long gone! A virtual consultation is quick, easy, and best of all convenient!

How to Sign Up for a Virtual Consultation

Once you’re ready to schedule your virtual consultation, it’s a simple three step process.

  • Visit Our Website – Visit us online here to get the process started.
  • Click on the “Virtual Consultation” Tab – Once you’re on our homepage, you’ll see a tab that says “Virtual Consultation.”
  • Select “Get Started”
  • Submit a Few Details – On the next page, you’ll fill out a few key details and take some smiley selfies before hitting submit on the form.

It’s as simple as that! Once you’ve taken the free virtual assessment, you’ll receive a customized video from us, bringing you one step closer to the smiles you’ve always wanted and surely deserved.

The convenience of a virtual consultation outweighs the cost and hassle that many patients have to experience when deciding on their dental treatment plan. If you’re hoping to get the smile you’ve been dreaming of, a virtual consultation is a great step in the right direction. Best of all, the entire virtual consultation process is both cost-free and hassle-free!

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