Virtual Consultation | Newport Beach, CA

How It Works

Upload a quick video & photo smile selfie (noting any desired areas of interest, pain, or concern).

Dr. Spath will review your notes and send you a customized video addressing your questions & concerns. This video will also contain your unique, personalized recommendations.

Once you’ve reviewed your recommendations, you can schedule an in-person visit with our team.


Why choose


You know the quality of dentistry that you deserve. And, maybe, you can’t get that premier level in your local area. Well, now you don’t have to be locked to choosing between the dentists in your city.

With Virtual Dentistry, you can easily visit a higher-quality dentist from anywhere in the world!

We’ve made it super simple to get a consult of your dental needs, all through your phone or camera.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1 ) You upload a close-up smile selfie (noting any desired areas of interest, pain, or concern).

2 ) We send you a custom video of what we see and recommend.

3 ) Once you’ve received your action plan, schedule your visit to get your quality care done right.



  • Choose The Dentist That YOU Want, Not Who Happens To Be Nearby
  • Get An Action Plan Before Ever Leaving The House
  • Spend Less Time Waiting At The Dental Office
  • Choose The High-Quality Service You Deserve
  • Upgrade To A Dentist Even Movie Stars Choose To Visit (And Have!)

Get Started With Your Complementary


Upload a video & close-up smile selfie.

Dr. Spath will send you a customized video with recommendations.

Schedule an in-person visit with our team.