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Case Study Details

This individual has been a patient of ours for many years. Her veneers were done about 15 years ago by another dentist and were in need of replacement.

We started with a diagnostic wax up. As you can see her bite is very deep (overlap of the upper and lower teeth) so we opened her bite. We recorded her ideal bite and then added height to all the teeth. This allows a few different things. First, it allows for conservative dentistry as we have to remove limited tooth structure because we are doing additive dentistry. Second, this also allows for improved facial esthetics by lengthening the length of the lower 1/3 of her face while increasing tooth display.

For this patient, all teeth were prepared on the same day under light I.V. sedation. The procedure took about 6 hours. She left that day with the smile of her dreams in the provisional state and came back 3 weeks later for her final restorations.

She was extremely happy with the results! Credit lab work to Andres Dental Studio. If you’re looking for dental work whether repair, preventive, or cosmetic call us at (949) 612-2356 or contact us here.

Dental Work Performed