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Patient | SmileOnU Case

Case Study Details

Quinisha came to see us at our Newport Beach dental office as a hardship case from Orangewood Children Home Via the organization SmileOnU, a great organization that we are heavily involved with. Her story is an amazing story of overcoming circumstance to be an amazing individual.  If you have a moment please watch the video about Quinisha on the website. In short she was in braces for 10 years after being abandoned by her orthodontist.  She came to our office with broken and decayed teeth in braces that had not been adjusted for nearly a decade.  With the assistance of Digiovanni Orthodontics we removed her braces, Place several implants, removed hyperplastic tissue with gum surgery and restored nearly every tooth in her mouth.  Quinisha has since used her smile as motivation to take better care of herself and has lost over 60lbs.  This case brought great joy our staff as well as Bebe and the whole SmileOnU staff.

Dental Work Performed