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Invisalign followed by veneers

Case Study Details

It is not always orthodontics/invisalign or veneers.  Often times we place the teeth in the ideal position to facilitate the placement of the veneer in a conservative manner.

Benefits of conservative veneers placement include:

1. When we stay in enamel we achieve a much higher bond strength.  Veneers done in enamel have only a 10%failure rate at 20 years.

2. More natural color.  The thinner the veneer the more natural underlying tooth structure has the ability to pass through the veneer allowing the teeth to match very well with the adjacent teeth.

3. No sensitivity or potential nerve damage.  The less natural tooth structure that we take away the less likely we will damage the nerve in the tooth.

4.  You don’t ever get tooth structure back.

5.  Maintaining the strength of the tooth by maintaining the tooth structure.  If a tooth has to be prepared significantly the tooth is much more likely to break.

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