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David | Cosmetic Dentistry

Case Study Details

David came to the office with a long history of pervious dentistry from a congenital malformation of his teeth referred as dentinogensis imperfect. This disorder caused his teeth to be very dark in color, have obliterated nerve canals, and be very prone to fracture. Over the course of 3 years we segmentally restored Davids teeth with porcelain crowns to protect his fragile teeth and 8 dental implants to replaced teeth that were non restorable. David’s result stabilized his bite, opened his vertical dimension of occlusion, and restored the esthetics that nature never afforded him. He was a pleasure to be around always with an optimistic approach. We became friends and fishing buddies along the way. This is a prime example of why we come to work everyday to be around people like Dave.

Dental Work Performed