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At our practice, our goal is to provide cosmetic dentistry that looks completely natural. Patients who undergo a complete smile makeover will feel as though their smile fits their appearance and looks as though they were born with these teeth. We want others to say, “You look amazing!” rather than “Who did your teeth?” While any dentist can call themselves a “cosmetic dentist,” our practice proves it with many ‘before and after’ photographs for patients to view. It is important to check a dental professional’s credentials to ensure dentists have the experience and skill to replicate a beautiful, natural looking smile with restorative services such as veneers, implants, and dental bonding.

  • Dr. Spath, Thank you so very much for the kind email. You are a dentist like no other. I applied my 2nd fluoride treatment yesterday and bought all my dental health necessities! ( Biotin is great!) This couldn’t happen at a worse time (right before the wedding) but with such kindness, understanding and concern you and your dental office have given me, I truly hope this will work out!

    Richard S.



The Right Fit

Dental Veneers must be bonded to the enamel.  We find that veneers fall off and fail when dentist are too aggressive with the removal of tooth structure prior to veneer placement.  Studies show that at 20 years we have a 95% success rate of veneers when placed in enamel(the outer most layer of tooth).  If the enamel is removed the veneers tend to fall off. Staying in enamel is important to conserve tooth structure and to improve results

Jaw / Bite Problems

Occlusion….Occlusion is the bite. Dr. Spath has studied under some of the best dentists in the world in the field of occlusion.  Having a complete knowledge of the way the chewing system works sounds simple however it is extremely complex and the biggest risk of failure.

Master Ceramists

A talented ceramist/lab technician is is vital to achieving the best results possible.  Teeth are not the same color and translucency throughout and neither should be veneers.  In order to achieve a natural appearance the time, skill and judgement of the ceramist must be exceptional.  We use the best guys in the business!

Why choose


The foundation for great aesthetic results is a solid team – starting with the restorative dentist and on to the world class ceramist or dental technician. Our ceramists are true artists and are among the most talented in the world. The results are unparalleled. Veneers Newport Beach are appropriate in certain instances but not in others. Our ultimate goal is health and we never want to place a patient in a situation that will increase risk and decrease health.

A porcelain veneer requires little or often no preparation of the tooth and therefore can be a great option to restore a smile for someone with discolored or small teeth. Dr. Spath has made cosmetic dentistry a focal point of his career by taking continuing education courses with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and the Kois Center. You can be assured that Dr. Spath will use the latest technology and products to make sure every patient walks away with a durable, healthy smile.



Stain Resistant

Porcelain veneers do not change color over time. The material is stain-resistant, unlike the natural teeth, which can be discolored with food, drinks, and tobacco. However, this also means that they are not affected by procedures such as teeth whitening. When patients have veneers in place while considering whitening, Dr. Andrew Spath, DDS may recommend replacing them.

Versatile / Long Lasting

While veneers are long lasting and apply to many different applications, they typically do not last a lifetime. However, if the veneers are done properly in the enamel which is the outer layer of tooth they have a success rate of 90% at twenty years for any fix. With new materials like Emax (lithium disilicate) veneers are extremely strong and durable, which helps aid in their lifespan.

Happy Clients

  • I highly recommend Dr Spath to anyone looking for a great dentist in Orange County! I've been going to his office for about 3 years now and everyone is always very friendly and helpful. I'm doing Invisalign now during pregnancy and I am almost done! Dr. Spath has always been very nice and attentive helping me get the best possible results. My teeth look great! : )

  • Dr. Spath and his team are absolutely amazing! After having a terrible experience with a prior dentist, I looked up dentists. I was surprised and hopeful when I saw Dr. Spath had all 5 star reviews. When I went in today for a consultation to fix my teeth from the prior dentist, I was not disappointed! He definitely lived up to his 5 star reviews! I am so happy to have found such a wonderful and honest dentist and staff. Thank you Dr. Spath and team for truely caring about your patients! I will recommend your office to everyone!

  • Yep... 5 stars.. Dr Spath and his staff are phenomenal they really made my dental experience very relaxing.. Ashley and Gabby are the best at their professions... They both were very attentive and informative while servicing my Colgate smile.... Thanks again guys... While yet by being one of the most luxurious dental offices in the Oc.. Hands down, it is certainly the best office in the Oc

  • “When I first met Dr. Spath he greeted me warmly with a big smile and I could tell right away that he was an extremely down to earth person which made the experience feel like a visit to a friend. During all the procedures I have had with Dr. Spath he showed to be very competent, knowledgeable, and genuinely concerned about my comfort and health of my teeth and gums. He asks if I have any concerns and provides me with preventative care materials if I need it. My crowns look Amazing and I can say that I really Love my smile now. I followed Dr. Spath from office to office and now he has his own practice. His office is charming and simple with a great staff. I will definitely be his lifelong client because of his integrity and refreshing honesty.  So Thank You Dr. Spath for inspiring to take better care of my teeth!!!”

  • Dr Spath, How does a Dentist and his team (and an incredible front office staff) consistently maintain a 5 star rating with so many reviews??? Come to this office, and you will see! Let’s face it, going to the dentist isn’t a pleasurable experience for many people; so when I needed to find a good dentist in my neighborhood, I turned to Yelp. After reading some really fantastic reviews, the choice was clear. From the moment I contacted the office, everyone I’ve dealt with has been extremely professional (which, of course is important for a Doctors office), but beyond that, they have all been so nice, welcoming and friendly to me, that it feels like I’ve known these people for ages, and have been coming to this office for years. They completely WOW’d me! Sincerely, Vance

  • I was a patient of Dr. Spath for the first time about a year ago. He has always spent the necessary time to address any problems and truly cares about my well being. I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a great dentist.

  • As a long time patient of Dr. Spath, I am constantly impressed by his passion for providing top notch dental care. He truly cares about doing what is best for his patients. His preventative approach to dentistry is very refreshing, and I highly recommend him to all my friends and family in the area.‎

  • I have been a patient of Dr. Spath’s for over 2 years and have had nothing but great experiences. When I had to get my wisdom teeth pulled a year ago, he walked me thought the process so that I was comfortable with the extraction. Everything went great and I healed quickly! I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a knowledgeable dentist.‎

  • Dear Andrew; I received your welcome letter and relative information in the mail and would like to take the opportunity to respond by saying that it was a very comforting experience I had at your office the other day. As a new patient referral, It was really nice meeting a professional that somehow you felt a connection with and an immediate trust with the personal care and attention you gave me. Since my prior Dentist retirement, It has been two years of trying to get a level of trust and comfort that was immediate on the first visit at your practice. It was not difficult for me to agree that very day to move forward with the work I needed done and I was extremely pleased that you were able to save an existing procedure that had been done several years back. I know at some time we will be addressing a more permanent solution, but in the interim, I am really pleased to be a patient at your clinic and would not hesitate to refer any of my friends or family to your practice. Thanks for the outstanding professional care and I look forward to seeing you on Friday the 6th.

  • Dr. Spath, Thank you so very much for the kind email. You are a dentist like no other. I applied my 2nd fluoride treatment yesterday and bought all my dental health necessities! ( Biotin is great!) This couldn’t happen at a worse time (right before the wedding) but with such kindness, understanding and concern you and your dental office have given me, I truly hope this will work out!

    Richard S.

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