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Sleep Apnea Dentistry

You deserve a good night sleep. We’ll help you get one. 

Sleep Apnea & Dentistry in Newport Beach

Sleep apnea is not something to take lightly. It is said that this disease can take more years off of life than smoking or diabetes. Sleep apnea can ruin marriages, increase obesity, cause high blood pressure, and make an individual tired and depressed. The first step in treating this serious disease is getting diagnosis through a sleep study. Sleep studies determine the presence and severity of the disease while giving a baseline from which improvement can be measured. Common options for treatment of obstructive sleep apnea include CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure), surgery, and oral appliance therapy. All options are generally billed to and paid for by health insurances.

Importance of Oral Sleep Medicine

Orange County Oral Sleep Medicine was established as a resource for area sleep centers and individuals, to assist in oral appliance therapy (OAT) for the treatment of sleep apnea. There are approximately 97 different oral sleep appliances (OSA). Which one works depends on the individual and his or her particular needs. It is important that sleep centers and patients have the support of a dentist who can not only manage sleep appliances properly, but also deal with insurances. We have the capabilities to do both. We do all medical insurance billing to make the process as easy as possible for patients and sleep centers. Dr. Andrew Spath is a clinical professor at the UCLA School of Dentistry and has extensive training in oral sleep medicine. Dr. Spath is a great resource for patients concerned about potentially having sleep apnea, or those individuals who are managing the disease.
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Sleep Apnea Appliances That Work

Adjustable Herbst

The Herbst sleep apnea device is an adjustable device that is durable and boasts a non-bulky design. This device increases the positioning of the jaw and is best used for patients who have mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea caused by soft palate collapse.


SomnoMed is a very effective sleep apnea device for those who have a large jaw arch. The SomnoMed is made to be durable; the materials used are able to withstand the pressure produced when the jaw is clenched at night. It is used to treat both snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.


The TAP 3 is a device designed to reposition the jaw forward to avoid the soft tissues and tongue obstructing the throat. While commonly used as an anti-snoring device, it is also beneficial for patients with sleep apnea.

Frequently Asked Questions

OAT is a custom-fit nighttime appliance that positions the jaw to maintain an open airway.

The oral appliance works differently. By positioning the mandible forward it removes the constriction that is preventing breathing and causing snoring. The other major distinction is that the oral appliance is much smaller and easier to tolerate. It is very similar to a night guard.
We can identify risk factors but we cannot diagnose. Diagnosis must be made by a physician and only after a sleep study.
There are many sleep centers in Orange County with whom we work, and we would be happy to make the appropriate referral.
Yes, with a completed sleep study and a referral by a physician, health insurance will pay a great majority or all of the cost of the appliance. We make the process as easy as possible preauthorizing, billing, and collecting from your health insurance company.
Individuals who snore, have sleep apnea, or grind their teeth. OAT is the treatment of choice for cases of mild or moderate sleep apnea.
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