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If you are facing tooth loss there are many different solutions that can restore form, function, and appearance. In this instance, it would be a denture. Dentures come in two different types, a removable solution and permanent solution. Below is an overview of each option:


  • Removable and Natural Looking Teeth
  • Regain Form & Function
  • Prevent Muscle degradation & Facial Alteration

Traditional or temporary dentures offer a fine solution to toothloss. These dentures help patients restore their quality of life in a non-invasive manner.

  • Provide a Permanent Realistic Looking Option to Tooth Loss
  • Regain Mouth Function / Appearance
  • Offer a More Stable / Better Bite

If you are in need of a bite solution, permanent or otherwise, we encourage you to contact our Newport Beach office for your consultation.

  • I recommend Dr. Spath. He is very organized, confident, and explains exactly what he is going to do. He did a very thorough examination of my teeth, both with x-rays and observation. He told me the results of his findings, made recommendations and asked questions of my expectations. Dr. Spath replaced a front bridge, added a crown for cosmetic reasons, cleaned my teeth and made them whiter than they have ever been. He is very conscientious, caring and very professional. I am very pleased with the work he has completed for me.




People may get dentures for a variety of reasons. Most commonly, people want to get dentures to improve their appearance. If people are missing most or all of their teeth, they often look older and their faces look shorter and more “hollow.” Dentures help make people look younger, restore function, and they help fill out facial features. People who are missing a significant number of teeth may also want dentures to help them eat and speak more easily.

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