Often lost in thought, a result of stress, or simply trying to pass the time, bad habits in the office can do damage on your teeth. Here are 5 workplace habits that won’t leave you smiling.

  1. Chewing On Pens & Pencils. A nasty habit for both germs and teeth, chewing on pens or pencils is often done without us knowing. Making this a habit will wear down the edges of your teeth, cause sensitive, and could even lead to tooth fractures. Try snacking on something else!
  2. Using Teeth as Tools. When the tool we need is not readily available we often try our teeth, a habit which is not advised. Doing so can lead to chipping your teeth, compromising enamel, or breaking a tooth. Take the extra second and find the tool you’re looking for.
  3. Consistent Coffee. Coffee is hard on your teeth, yet so many of us drink it. Instead of getting rid of coffee, we suggest that you do nurse your cup of joe throughout the day. There are also other substitutes for caffeine like green tea. Try to eliminate the additives like sugar and always swish with a glass of water after.
  4. No Toothbrush at Work. Plaque doesn’t wait for you to get home to start forming. The longer it remains on your teeth the harder it is to remove. We recommend having a toothbrush in the office for when you get done with lunch or that morning cup of joe.
  5. Smoke Breaks. No surprise here, smoking is one of the unhealthiest habits one can have. Besides causing respiratory problems and lung cancer, smoking can lead to oral cancer, gum disease, tooth loss, and cavities. Ask your doctor for help on quitting.

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