4 Surprising Foods That are HURTING Your Teeth!

Ahhhhh food.. so good!

It’s no secret now that nutrition and health go hand in hand, but did you know some of those “healthy” choices aren’t that great for you mouth! Here are four foods that are meant to be healthier side yet are oral friendly..

1 ) Diet Soda

As advertised, diet soda is supposed to be the “healthy” option when drinking soda, but just due to the fact there is not sugar doesn’t make oral friendly either.. Acidity still remains prevalent in these drinks which is one of the most harmful options for your teeth. So put down the soda and grab some a cold glass of water. Your body and teeth will thank you!

2 ) Salad Dressing

Used most often as a condiment, salad dressings generally used ingredients that are easy to come by and less expensive. Ingredients like sugar as well as vinegar are great for taste, but can do some damage to your teeth…

Salads are a great option for any healthy diet, just be conscious of whats in your dressing.

3 ) Bread

Ahh bread.. a go to favorite. and you’re probably thinking, what’s bread got to do with this? But when your consume bread, your saliva transforms the starches in the bread into sugary-paste that sticks in between and on your teeth. Food left on teeth is not what we want! If you do go the bread route, try types with no or less added sugar like wheat.

4 ) Dried Fruit

Sticky foods come in all shapes, sizes, forms, and “nutrient levels”. These feeds include things like candy, dried fruit, and gum for that matter.  If you do in fact resort to a sticky snack please follow up with a brushing, floss, and rinse with water. They get the name sticky for a reason and stay on your teeth much longer than other foods. This applies for dried fruit too!

While this list is only held to four different food types, the list is much longer as you can imagine. Be conscious of what you put into your mouth and if it is less than healthy take the necessary oral hygiene precautions after like brush and floss or even chew a piece of gum within 20 minutes of a snack / meal.

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