Don’t waste your time searching resources for your oral health care through search engines anymore! The Healthy Mouth App the Kois Center recently released has everything you need. From smile reports to the contact info of dentists near you. Check out what this app is all about:


Key Features

  • Take the assessment and check out what the app has to say about the 4 different categories it reports for you:
    1) Smile Characteristics.
    2) Gum Health.
    3) Bite and Jaw Health.
    4) Tooth Health.
  • See the forecast on your heart disease risk score.
  • Bring your tracked brushing and flossing habits into your dental appointments.
  • Have access to over 75 articles in the Patient Education Section.
  • Locate dentists that are uniquely trained to review the reports with you and schedule directly through the app.

Learn More About
The Healthy Mouth App


5 Minutes. That’s all you need from start to finish to get through the initial setup! This app can get you registered, the algorithm and analysis reports, and local dentist’s contact info in the time it takes you to listen to your favorite song!

  • Download, then create your account within the app.
  • The apps algorithm that will analyze your responses and provide you with risk estimates for all aspects of your mouth.
  • You will then be directed, within the app, to local dental offices that can interpret your results.
  • Once you pick the dental office of your choice, you can schedule an appointment for any concerns you may have that may have come up in your assessment results.


Just a tap away and you have all the resources that the internet could provide you with, but in about half the time and almost no effort. This app will centralize your oral care and  make your dental care easier to maintain in the long run.

Contact us and we can answer any questions you have about the app process and reports produced! Give a call (949) 612-2356 or reach us via our email!

The Healthy Mouth App