If you’re reading this post I would bet that you most likely have never asked yourself these questions:

  • What would life be like without a smile?
  • How long would I survive with severe oral pain that limits my nutritional intake?
  • What would I do if my dental team abandoned me with braces for a decade?

These are real questions, and similar ones are asked by millions of individuals around the world – and we had the pleasure of helping an amazing individual named Quinesha overcome similar circumstances thanks to our partnership with SmileOnU.

[SmileOnU is a non-profit organization with a mission to help the world to SMILE. The organization provides dental care locally in the Newport Beach area as well as around the world through their dental relief missions.]

Quinisha came to see us at our Newport Beach dental office as a hardship case from Orangewood Children Home. Her story is an amazing accomplishment of overcoming circumstance.


In short she was in braces for 10 years after being abandoned by her orthodontist. She came to our office with broken and decayed teeth in braces that had not been adjusted for nearly a decade. With the assistance of Digiovanni Orthodontics we removed her braces, place several dental implants, removed hyperplastic tissue with gum surgery and restored nearly every tooth in her mouth.

Quinisha has since used her smile as motivation to take better care of herself and has lost over 60lbs. This case brought great joy to our entire staff which is why we have decided to partner with SmileOnU again in early 2016.

We will be heading on a Dental Relief Mission to Nicaragua to provide much needed dental care to over 400 patients. Please click the graphic below to learn more about this amazing mission that will help change the lives of so many.

Be sure to embrace your smile today – not everyone is so fortunate.