Dental Work Performed

  • Veneers
  • Gum Contouring

Here is a case of a replacement  of old porcelain veneers. The patient had a concern that you could not see her teeth as much as she used to.  This is a common concern for patients.  As we age the lower teeth become more noticeable and the upper teeth are not displayed as much.  After the age of 30 with each decade of life the upper lip lengthens by 1mm.  Additionally this patient was having symptoms with her jaw joint including popping and clicking.  She mentioned a feeling that her bite was very tight between the front teeth and that she did not feel like her back teeth were in contact as most of the forces were on her front teeth.  We placed her in a Kois Deprogrammer for one month and were able to achieve jaw comfortable.  We then registered her bite with the appliance in and went through our steps to lengthen her teeth while fixing her bite.  We placed 12 partial coverage crowns/veneers on her teeth while brightening to color to a bleach shade 0M3 building in incisal translucency.  It ended up with a beautiful result.

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