Dental Work Performed

  • Bridges & Crowns

April presented to our dental office in Newport Beach, CA with the concern of severe erosion of her teeth.  She felt like her bite was too deep and her teeth we becoming destroyed from acid erosion.  We discussed several different options with April but in the end decided together that the best option was to open her bite with porcelain overlay on the lower molars while making her front teeth a little longer in improve the amount of tooth display by placing veneers on the front teeth.  Gingival crown lengthening was done on the lower incisors to decrease tooth display.  Due to her fair complexion we went with a bleach shade tooth with incisal translucency.  You will notice in the retracted view that her teeth look long. This was done on purpose.  If we made her tooth any shorter it would be difficult to ever see her front teeth.  For this reason we made her teeth long enough to show.

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