Dental Work Performed

  • Bridges & Crowns

This patient came in to our Newport Beach, CA office with old bridges on her anterior teeth. She was born without lateral incisors(the teeth next to the front teeth).  We discussed the options of implants or bridges.   She already had brides and want to have time replaced with new ones in addition to having her lower teeth veneered.  In the past bridges have a stigma or loosing bad and being difficult to clean.  With a method referred to pontic site formation we are able to fabricate the most beautiful bridges connecting teeth to teeth or implants to implants.  This is dine by forming a dimple in the tissue that replicates the socket of a tooth. We then in a precise manner connect the two existing teeth together with a pontic tooth in the middle to replace the missing tooth.  This pontic tooth has a bullet shaped root form the goes into the dimple created. This allows the bridge to appear as natural as a real tooth.  In this case the bridge was eMax, A type of very strong porcelain.

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