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Invisalign, Crown Lengthening Surgery & Veneers

Case Study Details

This patient came to the office not really understanding what was occurring with her teeth but she just noticed that they were changing and she did not like how small they were becoming.  Her front teeth were experiencing friction every time she chewed because of the angulation that they contacted the lower teeth.  With time this will cause the teeth to become very short and the smile to become gummier as the teeth erupt as they wear.


The first thing we did was change the angulation to the upper and lower incisor so that when she chewed the edges of the teeth would not collide.  This was done with invisalign.  This limits future risk for wear and improves the longevity of any restorative dentistry such as veneers

Following 9 months of Invisalign we preformed crown lengthening surgery.  This was done to reduce the gum display and also lengthen her teeth.

After the Invisalign we did 4 veneers to improve the shape of the worn incisors and fill in the spaced that resulted from the Invisalign bite correction.


The result on this case was exception, natural and most importantly made the patient very happy!

Dental Work Performed