Dental Work Performed

  • Dental Implants

This was a case where a patient had a retained baby tooth in the lower anterior.  The tooth was becoming very loose.  We removed the tooth and placed an immediate implant in the space.  We then customized an abutment and placed an implant corn on the abutment.  The total treatment time was 3 months.  The key to these cases is to have the appropriate implant size and placement.  Once this is accomplished it is necessary to have a ceramist this can recreate nature with porcelain.  The porcelain is layered with different shades and translucency’s to replicate the adjacent teeth.  All of this is done by Dr. Spath from the treatment planning to the implant placement and the prosthetic crown placement.  Knowing the result that we want having control of all aspects of the implant placement gives us the best result.

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