Let’s put an END to Opioid abuse.

It’s been in the media for sometime now and the matter of fact is that the opioid epidemic is still too prevalent. That is why Dr. Andrew Spath and his talented Newport Beach staff has made a point to further their treatment education and learn about Exparel, a newer dental option that allows pain management for days after the procedure. Watch Dr. Spath give a bit of insight to this product in this quick video.

What is Exparel?
EXPAREL is a single-dose infiltration or as an interscalene brachial plexus nerve block that provides significant long-lasting pain control in effort to reduce the use of opioids during post surgical pain.
– Original Source: Exparel.com

How it Works
Exparel is revolutionary nerve blocking injection that is done soon after an operation, in this case a dental operation. It’s intended to provide ample pain management for 3-4 days after the operation which is the average recovery time for most dental procedures. While some procedures will require extra pain management, the idea behind Exparel is to reduce the number of pills a patient has to take and to deter the growth of the Opioid epidemic.

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  • Advanced Pain Management
  • Post-op Opioid Deterrent
  • For Small or Large Procedures

A Patient’s Experience with Exparel
A recent patient of ours was nice enough to jump in front of the spotlight for a little Q & A about his experience using this Exparel. He had a new set of dental implants just a few days prior. Not only does he look fantastic, his normalcy of life has stayed pretty consistent.

I’m always hesitant with Doctors and procedures, but you made it so easy. There was a little pain the first day, but I only took two pills.

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