One of the most common questions we get as dentists is what kind of toothpaste we recommend. The answer is that it depends on your current situation. If you’re somebody that gets many cavities, our recommendation is the CTx4 Gel by CariFree. This can come with or without fluoride and is available here in our office. You can also purchase it on Amazon! For everyone else, our recommendation would be the Sensodyne toothpaste. It tends to be nonabrasive and help with sensitivity. Particularly because our diets tend to be very acidic, which creates a lot of sensitivity within the teeth. Sensodyne is very effective for this!

What you really want to avoid is any toothpaste with whitening in it. Whitening toothpaste scrapes off the surface of the tooth over time, and while taking away the stain, also takes away tooth structure. However, you can still whiten your teeth in other ways, but the whitening toothpaste is not an effective or safe way of whitening the teeth.

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