How to Choose a Cosmetic Dentist in Newport Beach

First Off, You’re Worth It.

Invest in yourself and live the life you desire.
Updated 10/14/19

As a premier Cosmetic Dentist in Newport Beach, I understand the commitment that goes into making that decision. Time, money, and results are all things one should consider when seeking cosmetic dentistry. Over the years and after many-many treatments as well as advanced education, here are 3 things that have made patients the happiest!

1) If You Must, Travel.
Cosmetic dentistry is a big step in anyone’s life.  It involves time and money, something we all could use more of. However, this commitment will do wonders for your happiness, vitality, and appearance. If you must, travel. Check out the map below for a visual of where we are located!

2) Quality over Quantity.
If done properly, your treatment should not only look great, but endure the test of time. While there are some outliers like whitening and people’s habits, treatments like crowns, veneers, gold restoration, and a few others should be a one-time procedure. Choose a quality dentist and get the results you deserve.

Most dentist offices that I’ve gone to are nice. But Dr. Spath’s office takes it to the next level. I also love how up to date the office is making it feel like I was at home. I’ve never minded going to the dentist but I kind of look forward to visiting.

3) Education and Experience.
Do your due diligence before making your final decision. Whomever you choose, that cosmetic dentist should have years of continued cosmetic dentistry education and experience.

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